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GFE’s Effective Grantmaking Series showcases funders’ efforts to improve outcomes for all learners by integrating one of eight principles for effective grantmaking in their work. For a more in-depth analysis of the eight principles read Principles for Effective Education Grantmaking: Roadmap for Result in Education Philanthropy.

The following series of case studies is designed to help funders consider the issues, challenges and approaches of more effective grantmaking and offers in-depth descriptions and take-away lessons.The case studies are available for free download. For more information, please contact us at information@edfunders.org.

Case Studies

From the Effective Grantmaking Series, these case studies are designed to help funders consider the issues, challenges and approaches of more effective grantmaking and offer in-depth analysis and take-away lessons.

Improving Public Education: A Guide for Donors to Make a Difference

A four-part toolkit designed to help individual donors and small foundations spur the changes they seek in public education. The toolkit encourages donors to think carefully about the needs of the community and school system, their values and interests, resources and desired outcomes of their giving.

The toolkit is available for free download.

Toolkit Contents

By Tom Vander Ark of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Getting Started in Education Philanthropy: A Workbook to Identify Your Values, Interests and Goals
A series of questions to help you make thoughtful choices about what to invest in and how -- plus profiles of 12 creative, strategic and effective donors.

Primer on the U.S. Education System
An overview, based on the latest education data, of how well students are achieving, what factors influence achievement, what the teacher workforce is like, who makes the decisions in the public education system and how public schools are funded. Includes seven areas where philanthropy is in an ideal position to make a difference.

Principles for Effective Education Grantmaking
Eight principles of effective philanthropy that provide a framework for making the most of your unique resources and capabilities and for promoting change in education.

A selected list of websites and articles offering additional background on key issues in education and on the practice of strategic philanthropy, with links to organizations that can help you find more local donor resources.

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