GFE Strategic Direction

GFE Members and Friends

The changing times and landscape demand that Grantmakers for Education (GFE) focuses on preparing members for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Together, what’s next. Grantmakers for Education — the nation’s largest and most diverse network of education grantmakers — has positioned itself to bridge the gap between now and next. Building upon our strong history, we move with you toward the future, exploring new ideas and more strategic ways of working together. We empower and superpower our members' efforts to improve outcomes for all learners.

As we help our members identify and prepare for what’s next, we do so with an eye on the broader landscape. We keep members informed of relevant and pressing issues across the education spectrum, and equip them with the tools and knowledge required to help shape the future of education.

This is reflected in the OPERATING PRINCIPLES that guide us:

Every member matters. At Grantmakers for Education, every member has a voice in the conversation. We protect and cultivate an environment that invites new thinking and is the foundation for healthy discourse.

We are open-minded. We respect different perspectives and encourage challenging conversation among members, partners and impact leaders. We seek out a diversity of opinions, approaches and experience – across sectors, within and beyond our field.

We act with purpose. Everything we do is in the spirit of improving outcomes for all learners, today and tomorrow.

We embrace a culture of change and innovation. We question status quo and always seek a better way. We believe in transparency as well as learning from both failures and successes – we are all on an iterative journey.

We build relationships. Relationships with, and between, our members are integral to the success of our organization. Our intimate understanding of who our members are helps us set the right agenda.

We are focused on impact. We act decisively and are selective in where we focus our time and energy. We use technology to increase value and strengthen connections. We use data to drive decision-making and inform our choices as an organization in order to have an outsized impact.

We are future-facing. We seek to build on the great foundation of the past, understand the realities facing public education in the present, and proactively help our members prepare for future challenges and opportunities.